Our Story so far....

Founded in 2014 Porters Soccability is an FA-affiliated disability football club based in Thundersley, which draws its players from across South East Essex. It takes its name from one of its former members, Jordan Porter, who sadly died in his teens. The club’s strip of claret and light blue is specifically designed to remember Jordan’s beloved club, West Ham United.

The club has 58 playing members – youth and adult - with a wide range of special educational needs. It attracts a range of young people, many of whom have attended local special schools. Porters is committed to providing the best environment for players of both sexes and all levels of ability. Porters enters a range of teams in the Essex Soccability League tournaments and has had many successes in these competitions.

The football is highly competitive, but importantly the club also provides the social setting in which these young adults acquire a range of skills so vital for their adult life and particularly their employment chances. So many of the players have found renewed confidence through the friendly, positive, and sensitive atmosphere created by the club’s organisers and supportive parents and carers. For some young people the experience has been life-changing in terms of their growth in maturity, attitude and outlook.

All those involved in the club are actively committed to realising its motto of ‘More Than A Football Club’. In order to realise its vision Porters has recently added a regular mid-week youth club to its footballing activities.

The club is headed by Nigel Stuart, who, alongside a team of coaches and committee members, steers the club forward. All those involved in running the club are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for players their parents/carers and supporters.

In August 2017 the club sent a squad of twelve players to the Special Olympics National Games held in Sheffield. In February 2018 two of its players, Reece Johnson and Jack Wells, were selected to represent the Great Britain football team at the Special Olympics 2019 World Summer Games to be held in Abu Dhabi. In February 2018 Club Chairperson, Nigel Stuart, was delighted to receive this news. “This represents further success for the club. Last year we had a strong representation at the Special Olympics in Sheffield. We are sending an even stronger squad of 20 players to the Stirling Anniversary Games for the Special Olympics this coming Summer, and the participation of Reece and Jack at the World Summer Games 2019 is a great achievement for the two lads as well as a source of pride to all those involved in our club.”

In November 2017 Porters was awarded ‘Club of the Year’ at the Rochford and Castle Point Sports Awards Ceremony. Two years earlier Club Chairperson, Nigel Stuart, was awarded ‘Coach of the Year’ at the same event.

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